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Circus Intelligence Magnetic Puzzle With White Board
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Multifunctional Wooden Educational Toys for Children , Magnetic Puzzle with Drawing Board
Jigsaw based mainly in transport: airplanes, cars, ships and etc, Let your children free combination assembly of various types of traffic scene.
This is a versatile magnetic puzzle, in addition to puzzles, it also can use as a whiteboard. Whiteboard can absorb both magnetic building blocks, children freedom assembling a variety of interesting patterns, but also when the drawing board, water pen writing, painting; whiteboard can be easily set up in the wooden box, all the accessories when not in use can be stored in wooden boxes.
Through puzzles and graffiti, give your baby a play imaginative space, to develop their ability.
Material: Wooden
Dimensions: 26.5 x 22.5 x 4 cm
Suitable for kids 3 years old and above.

Magnetic board with the scene, can put and puzzle the magnetic pieces of the pattern part,to let your children to start thinking creativity.
Each section comes with different cards for referenced, your children can follow to puzzle out the pattern.
Each piece comes with a magnetic pattern can be attached to the drawing white board.

Back is white Board, your children can draw and write.
Comes with a pair of clip, using it can be a drawing board, flat it can be a storage box.